Topic 3: Travelling and leisure

In their retirement years, *older people are prioritising travel more and more, largely because they feel healthier, richer, more educated, and more independent than younger people do. They also have more free time and less social and family commitments. At the same time, multi-generational groups are becoming increasingly prevalent when traveling, on cruise ships, in amusement parks, and in hotels.

In fact, the baby boomer generation, born between 1945 – 1964, spends $120 billion annually on travel and leisure, according to World Travel Monitor. In the main tourist-producing regions of Europe and North America, the proportion of individuals over 60 is anticipated to surpass that of “pre grown-ups” by a third by 2025.

The difficulty for business is to fully comprehend the *potential and actual demand of the senior travel market and to react by providing solutions that are appropriate for its requirements.

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