Topic 3: The AgeTech World

According to the Nielson Norman Group research “Usability for Seniors: Challenges and Changes”, for silver economy consumers the combination of tiny font size, poor color contrast, and complicated designs poses significant obstacles. This is partly caused by the loss of auditory, visual, and motor capabilities. In this regard, three strategies are apparently going to define silver economy products:

  • The creation of touch screens virtual keyboards that enable you alter the size of the letters and icons to make them easier to read.
  • Use of voice-activated technology: This makes it simpler to communicate with the device since it simplifies complicated chores like making a shopping list or lowering the blinds for those with limited movement.
  • Options for hybrid experiences: Give users options so they won’t be prevented from completing certain processes, such inputting their credit card number to make a transaction. Include choices like phone calls and support in this situation since it is usually a good idea.