Topic 3: Emerging tech trends for silver economy consumers (II)


Fintech tools enable technology to provide specialised services and solve issues that these clients experience. EverSafe is one such tool; it keeps an eye on bank accounts and credit cards and notifies customers of suspicious behaviour. This is done through software that does creates a unique profile based on each person’s past. Whealthcare Planning is another innovation that may offer long-term financial strategies.


This sector’s products and services can boost cognitive function and combat loneliness. Through the use of virtual reality technology, Viarama allows users to explore tourist attractions or relive memorable prior events. This technology is primarily intended for use in schools, hospitals, and senior living facilities. SingFit has furthermore developed SingFit Prime, a tool that enables users to sing songs even if they are not musically talented, thus using music as therapy and fostering communication skills and overall wellness.