Topic 2: Mentoring mindset


A mindset is a set of beliefs that serve as a framework for our actions and decision-making. When we have a particular mindset, it might become habitual. You need to work your mentoring mindset in order to develop your mentoring skills.

To cultivate a mentoring attitude use the diagram that sums up three types of skills spread out into attitudes.

Mentoring mindset and skills have a lot in common with entrepreneurial skills. You can deepen this topic in Unit of Competence 3 (UC3).

The top mentors we’ve seen exhibit a mentoring attitude that includes:


They are keen to find out what makes the mentee tick since they think the mentee is the expert on their own lives. They make inquiries rather than assumptions.


They don’t place themselves on a pedestal since they are humble and realise they still have a lot to learn themselves.

Respect for difference

They believe that people who are very different from them in many respects may yet have perfectly healthy relationships with them and that their differences do not in any way render them incorrect or inadequate.