Topic 2: Emerging tech trends for silver economy consumers (I)

Health and wellness

The number of senior people using healthcare services is rising. Medical items that are simple to include into their daily routines are becoming more and more important for this reason. This is the case with Buddy, a wearable watch connected to an app developed by the Californian business Live Freely. This gadget uses remote monitoring, GPS, and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) systems to record vital signs, stop falls, and stop elderly persons from becoming lost.


As the population gets older, cities and public areas must also change. This is the purpose of a climbing robot that was installed in a Fujisawa, Japan home. The tool aids elderly folks who are unable to climb stairs. The Crosswalk app, created by Dutch business Dynniq, is also noteworthy. This programme makes use of GPS-based software and movement sensors in traffic lights to provide pedestrians with mobility issues more time to cross the street.