Topic 1: Ageing differently

Europeans are ageing quickly. In the next 50 years, the proportion of Europeans over the age of 65 will double, while those over the age of 80 will almost quadruple.

Nevertheless, in stark contrast to earlier generations, the 60+ generation is ageing quite differently. Today’s retirees launch enterprises, complete marathons, and take extensive trips. They place a high value on health, wellbeing, and nutrition because to their longer lifespan and significant wealth.

Life expectancy and consumer habits have led to people aged 55 to 75 still being in a vital stage of life with a desire to take on challenges, lead an active lifestyle, and most importantly, feeling well enough to be physically active.

European countries face the difficulty of active and healthy ageing, but there is also an opportunity for Europe to position itself as a world power that can offer creative answers.