Creating a mobile/tablet app for the elderly

Joaquín is a 46-year-old man living in a city in Spain. He is a computer scientist and realises that there is a very big gap in the supply of mobile or tablet apps suitable for the needs of older people, for example with very large print, smart screen lighting, audio activation, barcode or QR code reading in shops, simple and easy-to-follow directions, among others.

Joaquín is thinking of developing a tablet and mobile application suitable for these limitations. To do so, he is also planning to carry out an initial market study to see if the application would be profitable. At the moment, all his friends and family are congratulating him on his initiative and brilliant idea.

In addition, part of the market research consists of defining the needs of the target audience, details of text preferences, screen colour, voice for audio, available themes, etc. To do this, he wants to visit different old people’s homes and deal with the elderly.