Amato Lusitano – Associação de Desenvolvimento (ALAD)

Amato Lusitano – Associação de Desenvolvimento (ALAD)



Amato Lusitano – Associação de Desenvolvimento (ALAD) is a Portuguese non-profit entity founded in 1998, whose mission is the promotion of equal opportunities and non discrimination of groups at greater risk and vulnerability, through actions aimed at their social inclusion, namely skills development, personal, family, social and professional development, training, capacity building, generating resilience and skills autonomy as a strategic commitment to action.

ALAD develops proposals for social intervention in networks, where the results over the years have shown a significant response to the objectives to be achieved. Between the various Community Frameworks, and undergoing internal and external evaluation grades, the results were positively achieved in terms of national efficiency standards. As an example, several social responses with more than 12 years are evident: professional insertion; immigrant support; support for victims of domestic violence and the Universidade Sénior Albicastrense (USALBI), the Senior Citizen’s University in Castelo Branco.

ALAD seeks in its daily action to promote the values of the Social Economy, with the development of initiatives that promote Equal Opportunities, entrepreneurship and social innovation, promotion of active aging and lifelong learning and the sustainability of aging.