European Platform for International Cohesion


The European Platform for International Cohesion (EPIC) is an NGO that was established in Italy in early 2020 to build on the experience of its members coming from various social and educational backgrounds to promote the values of European integration in all its social and economic facets. The core of the association is to promote awareness and ownership of the fundamental concepts of cohesion that stand behind the European Union. EPIC was founded by its members as a grass root movement to counter the wave of the anti-European sentiment. EPIC organises events of awareness among civil society and groups of citizens to provide concrete and valuable examples of the many opportunities of the European Union. EPIC is active in translating European macro-policy concepts into tangible topics and examples that are relevant to civil society in local context, such as the European Green Deal, the European Cohesion Policy, Towards a Sustainable Europe 2030 and Social Inclusion and Silver Economy. A key activity of EPIC is the training and teaching that translates into the delivery of customised training to the cohort of relevant target groups, in particular Public and Private Institutions, local associations, NGOs, professional working on Adult education and elderly.