Digital Hub

Welcome to our Digital Hub, where learning meets innovation! Our hubs offer a wide range of courses and resources designed to inspire and raise awareness, amongst 50+ adults, of entrepreneurship as a late-career option that can help counter ageism, prolong their working lives, reduce old-age unemployment, improve their social inclusion and enhance innovation through the development of start-ups within the Silver Economy ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills, explore new subjects, or prepare for a new career, our educational website is the perfect place to start.

Role model videos

The LOCAL project introduces a powerful video-based learning approach, showcasing 50+ adults' outstanding lifepaths in mentoring and entrepreneurship. Nine videos in national languages with subtitles celebrate the positive impact of seniors in their communities. These role models demystify aging stereotypes, combat ageism, and inspire active engagement in local communities while boosting mentoring experiences.

In-service mentoring training

Introducing an innovative continuous professional development program by the LOCAL project: a blended training aimed at enhancing mentoring skills and supporting educators, trainers, and adult education staff in implementing thematic mentoring cycles. The training consisted of three independent Units of Competence: Mentoring, Silver Economy, and Senior Entrepreneurship. Each unit offers a coherent combination of learning outcomes, subject to evaluation and autonomous validation, empowering participants to upskill and excel in their roles.

Thematic mentoring cycles

The LOCAL Thematic mentoring cycles are tailored for adults aged 50+. These cycles aim to raise awareness about entrepreneurship as a late-career option, combat ageism, extend working lives, reduce old-age unemployment, enhance social inclusion, and foster innovation within the Silver Economy ecosystem. Covering a total of eight themes, these mentoring cycles offer valuable opportunities for the growth and empowerment of the project's final beneficiaries.