Agency for Economic Development (AED) Kostinbrod


Agency for Economic Development (AED) Kostinbrod is a Bugarian NGO established in 2005 for public purpose. The organization supports the local community and sets networks for economic and social development through implementation of project, training, and consulting activities. Some of the primary objectives include overall development of the Municipality of Kostinbrod, cooperation between the Municipality, the non-profit organizations and the business for sustainable local development, and support to entrepreneurs acting locally.

At AED Kostinbrod, we have experience with cross-border projects with Serbia and with Leonardo and Erasmus+ projects. We are a member of the European Coordination Committee (CEC) and cooperate with EU organizations, such as CEC, SCF, FIAS-ACFI, VET Mesigiako, Fundacio Trinijove, Fondazione Luigi Clerici.